• July 10 – 17, 2018, In the Paper Gallery
    Weekdays 10am – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 5pm, Closed Sunday

    Opening: July 10, 6:30pm – 8pm

    Doosung Paper Co., Ltd. 41 Saimdang-ro 23-gil
    Seocho-gu, Seoul 06635, South Korea
    +82 2 3470 0001

    SuperSurfaces begins with a review of surfaces as seductive materials, mobile images, information/data generators, and message carriers in the present. It examines the elusive transitions between variously sensed and printed surfaces. It also embraces the ambivalent feelings we have between the “imminent demise” of the printed matter and its new-old re-emergence we experience on a daily basis.

    SuperSurfaces aims to investigate the properties of contemporary surfaces such as ephemerality, fluidity, and blurriness and to demonstrate how we can project something above the surfaces into the present-future or future-present. SuperSurfaces provides a time to create something more than instagrammable surfaces transcending zoomed-in, high-saturated, and fragmented art and design practices and becomes a place where we rethink and imagine “SuperSurfaces” with freedom.

    This exhibition will feature the following designers, artists, design and art educators who have closely worked with various print materials and screen surfaces:

  • 60603,
  • Byunghak Ahn,
  • Mary Banas,
  • Erik Brandt,
  • Mark Callahan,
  • Alyssa Casey,
  • James Chae,
  • Amy Fortunato,
  • David Gay & Moon Jang,
  • Isaac Gertman,
  • Golden Tree,
  • Minjae Huh,
  • Jaekyung Jung & Sohin Hwang,
  • Hwara Jo,
  • Hoon Kim,
  • Jinhee Kim,
  • Minkyoung Kim,
  • Yunim Kim,
  • Minho Kwon,
  • Ohyun Kwon,
  • Ian Lynam & Kyle Lynam,
  • Katherine Miller,
  • Once-Future Office,
  • Chaehee Park,
  • Jangho Park,
  • Michael Radyk,
  • Pooroni Rhee,
  • Chris Ro,
  • The Rodina,
  • David Smith,
  • and
  • Sera Yong
  • .

    Curator: Moon Jang

    Coordinator: Namoo Kim and Chris Ro
    Graphic Designer: James Chae
    Web Design and Development: Minkyoung Kim
    In The Paper Gallery Director: Eunjung Paek
    Photos: Stone Kim

    Thanks to: Sohyun Bae, Rosemarie Goodrum, Sanghoon Lee, Ye Kyung Kil, Byung Soo Kwon, Jangho Park, Haein Yang, Chanyong Yoon, Hoontaek Oh, and Sehyeong Oh

    Sponsor: Doosung Paper

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